Logo USB Flash Drives in Bulk

Logo USB Flash Drives are among the most popular promotional items. They are kept for years and 50% of the US adults have some sort of flash drive with a logo on it. The simple fact is, these promotional tools have become really popular over the past 10 years, and the prices have become very low for bulk usb flash drive orders. To maintain buying power we focus on bulk orders of 250 flash drives or more.

USB Flash Drive Styles

There are thousands of styles. But, the three most popular styles meet the vast majority of needs. By focusing on these three styles, Logo USB Flash Drives concentrates our buying power, keeping the cost low for you. Step one is simply selecting the style you want.

Stick Logo USB Flash Drive

Stick USB Drive

Slider Logo Flash Drive

slider usb flash drive black closed
slider usb flash drive open

Swivel stick USB Flash Drive

usb stick twist cap

Twist Swivel Logo Flash Drive

Twist logo usb flash drive

USB Flashdrive Colors

Lt Blue
light blue

Many color options mean you’ll be able to create the custom logo flash drive that is an excellent match for your needs. The second step is selecting your color option.

Choose the Memory

How much memory do you need on your flash drive? For most uses 2GB is enough and is the most popular size. They’ll start with 512MB and go up. You could get smaller, but we don’t think they have the value business is looking for…why frustrate a customer with too little capacity?

Send in your Logo

Once the order is received promo companies send an email requesting your logo artwork. We ask for a vector file, photoshop psd is best. If you don’t have a vector file, their production group can recreate the logo in the right format for a nominal fee.

Promo companies will create a virtual proof of your order and send it to you for approval. Your order will usually arrive in 1-2 weeks once approved.