Buying Custom Shaped Flash Drives

metal block usb flash drive black and open with logoCustom Shaped Flash Drives, also called USBs or Thumb Drives, are a really cool way to promote you company or businesses to prospects. Custom shaped USBs are even great ways to thank your existing customers for their loyalty. Some companies like to use flash drives with a unique design as gifts to their employees. Whatever you choose to use them for, Custom Shaped USB Flash Drives can help grow your business.

How do you buy custom shaped flash drives?

The best designs are the ones that represent your company. Someone like Nike might make a shoe shaped flash drive while United Airlines would use a plane. So, think about what customers would associate with your company, and that shape can be a flash drive.

Keep in mind that if the shape is generic, like the plane, then you need to have your logo on the flash drive as well.

Once you know the shape you want, contact a company that specializes in Custom Shaped Flash Drives. A really good one is These companies take your shape idea and draft virtual mockups of the shape, show you how the USB can be integrated and will take you through several design iterations. Once you decide on the final USB design, they get to work.

Using advance techniques, they create a custom mold for injection molding production. They typically will provide you with a photo proof of the USB. Sometimes, if you have enough lead time and will pay for shipping, the may be able to send the custom shaped usb to you for review. But, usually a few images of the flash drive from different angles is sufficient for approval.

Once produced, the flash drives are shipped and ready to use.

Keep in mind that the mold used to create the custom shape is in the possession of the manufacturer. The good thing is that re-orders are generally easy. The hard part is that you don’t own the molding, and even if you did, it would not do you much good. Each manufacture has to create a custom molding that works with their system. So, if you want to change suppliers, you have to pay for a new mold creation. This means you really want to research your supplier for a custom shaped flash drive up front to reduce the chance that you may want to switch later.

Another very good supplier to buy custom shaped flash drives from is

Like any marketing project, before you start getting in touch with USB suppliers, you want to be sure you have a good idea of your objectives, what you will use the flash drive for. It may be to promote at trade shows, give a way as part of an employee incentive program or as a thank you for your customers. Some companies use the Custom USB to save presentation material and pass out after conferences or at new customer development meetings. By knowing how you will use the flash drive, you can tell the USB supplier and they will be able to more easily help you finalize your custom flash drive design.

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