The USB C-Type is the emerging ar for data and power transmission. With the major computer and peripheral makers on board with the USB C standard, its adoption is now widespread.

USB Type-C Connectors

USB Type-C Connector

One of the benefits of the Type-C USB is very simple, it can be flipped and plugged in from both directions. This is such a simple concept, yet has taken decades to find a place in our computer tech. The ability to plug it in even when it is hard to see the ports makes it very convenient when the computer ports are on the side or back of the equipment, or it is dark.

USB Type-C Speed

The USB-C Conntectors opperate with a data transfer rate of up to 20Gbps.

The actual speed varies and is identified by the numeric designation.

3.2USB Gen 1 is 5GB

3.2USB Gen 1×2 and 2×1 are 10GB

3.2USB Gen 2×2 is 20GB

USB Type-C Power

One nice advantage of the Type-C port on computers is their ability to handle data while also handling power enough to charge the primary device, the laptop, as well as peripherals.

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